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Cloudera Live is a new way to get started with Apache Hadoop, online. No downloads, no installations, no waiting. Watch tutorial videos and work with real-world examples of the complete Hadoop stack included with CDH, Cloudera’s completely open source Hadoop platform, to:
  • Learn Hue, the Hadoop User Interface developed by Cloudera
  • Query data using popular projects like Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Impala, Apache Solr, and Apache Spark (new!)
  • Develop workflows using Apache Oozie

What Will You Try?

Modern Hadoop has evolved beyond simple storage and batch processing to enable you to interact with your data in familiar ways – such as through SQL, with a search box, or using your favorite programming language – and to build sophisticated workflows and applications combining these.
  1. TransformLet’s start simple. Process some data with Apache Pig.
  2. Query Query Hadoop interactively just like a database, using standard SQL, with Impala.
  3. SearchExperience the power of faceted search and navigation to explore your data ith Cloudera         .                     Search.
  4. Orchestrate Connect the dots. Create and manage workflows with the Oozie workflow designer.
we will find Twitter Demo, Yelp Demo, LogFile Demo, Data browsers like HBASE, ZOOKEEPER, SQOOP and all other modules which seems very interesting to work. 

The Fine Print

While in beta the environment is read-only and your sessions will last for three hours at a time. To work with your own data, you can download and install the Cloudera QuickStart VM.

Take the Next Steps

Ready to keep learning? Cloudera has everything you need to continue your journey with enterprise Hadoop. Check out our comprehensive online resources or visit Cloudera University to find the path that’s right for you.
Or simply keep going with Hue! Here are some more resources you might enjoy:


If you are very excited to provide this new service and welcome your feedback - tell us what you think! Send any comments to, connect to the Hue community forum, or simply use the “Feedback” tab in the demo. 
 Readers are also welcome to give feedback here to improve this post and blog


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