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Top 5 Considerations When Evaluating NoSQL Databases

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The New Hadoop Application Architectures Book is Here!

Thanks to Cloudera(Source)                                 ---         Get this Copy I Every time follow Cloudera blog and updating their information to share for all technocrats There’s an important new addition coming to the Apache Hadoop book ecosystem. It’s now in early release! We are very happy to announce that the new Apache Hadoop book we have been writing for O’Reilly Media, Hadoop Application Architectures, is now available as an early release! It contains the first two chapters and can be found inO’Reilly’s Catalog and via Safari.         The goal of this book is to give developers and architects guidance on architecting end-to-end solutions using Hadoop and tools in the ecosystem. We have split the book into two broad sections: the first section discusses various considerations for designing applications, and the second section describes the architectures of some of the most common applications of Hadoop and their architecture, thereby applying the considerations learned in …

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