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The Early Release Books Keep Coming: This Time, Hadoop Security

source: Thanks to CLOUDERA for technical updates

Hadoop Security is the latest book from Cloudera engineers in the Hadoop ecosystem books canon. We are thrilled to announce the availability of the early release of Hadoop Security, a new book about security in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem published by O’Reilly Media. The early release contains two chapters on System Architecture and Securing Data Ingest and is available in O’Reilly’s catalog and in Safari Books. The goal of the book is to serve the experienced security architect that has been tasked with integrating Hadoop into a larger enterprise security context. System and application administrators also benefit from a thorough treatment of the risks inherent in deploying Hadoop in production and the associated how and why of Hadoop security. As Hadoop continues to mature and become ever more widely adopted, material must become specialized for the security architects tasked with ensuring new applications meet corporate and regulatory p…

Getting Started with Big Data Architecture

What does a “Big Data engineer” do, and what does “Big Data architecture” look like? In this post, you’ll get answers to both questions. Apache Hadoop has come a long way in its relatively short lifespan. From its beginnings as a reliable storage pool with integrated batch processing using the scalable, parallelizable (though inherently sequential) MapReduce framework, we have witnessed the recent additions of real-time (interactive) components like Impala for interactive SQL queries and integration with Apache Solr as a search engine for free-form text exploration. Getting started is now also a lot easier: Just install CDH, and all the Hadoop ecosystem components are at your disposal. But after installation, where do you go from there? What is a good first use case? How do you ask those “bigger questions”? Having worked with more customers running Hadoop in production than any other vendor, Cloudera’s field technical services team has seen more than its fair share of these use cases. Al…

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