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Announcing Hortonworks Gallery

Drink from Elephant’s Well Of Knowledge Developer success starts with open and reusable code, and a community that allows for both consumption of code and contribution of updates to the code base. This success engenders a thriving and evolving community.

To that end, today we are announcing the Hortonworks Gallery for developers. Located on GitHub, the Gallery brings together the Hortonworks’ Apache Hadoop code, Apache Ambari Views and extensions, as well as related resources into a single view for developers to use within the familiar context of Git and open source software. The Hortonworks Gallery brings together all of the code, tutorials and sample apps that help new and experienced Hadoop developers reduce the time to success, whether it’s learning about Hadoop, Spark, Storm or other HDP components, or delivering apps for Internet of Things, predictive analytics or data warehousing solutions. Additionally, over the coming weeks we will be moving the source files for our Hortonwor…

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