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Apache Sentry is Now a Top-Level Project

Source: Cloudera
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We are very excited to announce that Apache Sentry has graduated out of Incubator and is now an Apache Top-Level Project! Sentry, which provides centralized fine-grained access control on metadata and data stored in Apache Hadoop clusters, was introduced as an Apache Incubator project back in August 2013. In the past two and a half years, the development community grew significantly to a large number of contributors from various organizations. Upon graduation, there were more than 50 contributors, 31 of whom had become committers. What’s Sentry?While Hadoop has strong security at the filesystem level, it lacked the granular support needed to adequately secure access to data by users and BI applications. This problem forces users to make a choice: either leave data unprotected or lock out users entirely. Most of the time, the preferred choice is t…

Getting started with NextGen MapReduce (single node) in easy steps

Without any detailed explanation of what-is-what which is due for another blog entry, here are simple steps to get started with MRv2 (next generation MapReduce) in easy steps. Find more details about MRv2 details here. So, here are the steps

1) Download the Hadoop 2.x release here.

2) Extract it to a folder (let's call it $HADOOP_HOME).

3) Add the following to .bashrc in the home folder.
? 1 2

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