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HBase Performance CDH5 (HBase1) vs CDH6 (HBase2)

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HBase Customers upgrading to CDH 6 from CDH 5, will also get an HBase upgrade moving from HBase1 to HBase2. Performance is an important aspect customers consider.We measured performance of CDH 5 HBase1 vs CDH 6 HBase2 using YCSB workloads to understand the performance implications of the upgrade on customers doing in-place upgrades (no changes to hardware).  About YCSBFor our testing we used the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB). YCSB is an open-source specification and program suite for evaluating retrieval and maintenance capabilities of computer programs. It is often used to compare relative performance of NoSQL database management systems. The original benchmark was developed by workers in the research division of Yahoo! who released it in 2010.  More info on YCSB at In our test environment YCSB @1TB data scale was used, and run workloads included YCSB default workloads and customized workloads.  YCSB test workloads us…

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