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Cloudera Data Hub: Where Agility Meets Control

Cloudera’s new Data Hub cloud service, powered by Cloudera Data Platform, enables users to seamlessly migrate on-premises data management and analytics workloads to the cloud as well as implement new cloud workloads in pursuit of your cloud-first data management strategy. On August 22nd, Cloudera demonstrated its Data Hub service during a webinar highlighting key business benefits, use cases, and product capabilities. Below is a brief overview of the topics covered and some of the most frequently asked questions from attendees. What is Cloudera Data Hub?Cloudera Data Hub is a powerful cloud service on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) that makes it easier, safer, and faster to build modern, mission-critical, data-driven applications with enterprise security, governance, scale, and control. The cloud-native service is powered by a suite of integrated open source technologies that delivers the widest range of analytical workloads such as data marts and data engineering. The three distinguishing…

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