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Time to time I come across different interesting scenarios and use cases of Big Data which have a direct positive impact (weather forecast) and negative impact (user surveillance) on our lives. Here are some of the ones I found too interesting to share.

If you are involved in any interesting Big Data scenarios, please let me know and I will add it to this page. You can get my email from the `About Me` section on this blog.




Managing sewage like traffic thanks to data -


How India’s favorite TV show uses data to change the world -

Health Care

Neural Network for Breast Cancer Data Built on Google App Engine -

Processing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals Using A Hadoop Computing Cluster – Part I -

Big data is the next big thing in health IT -

Big data and DNA: What business can learn from junk gene -

UC Irvine Medical Center: Improving Quality of Care with Apache Hadoop - 

Lessons from Anime and Big Data (Ghost in the Shell) -

6 Big Data Analytics Use Cases for Healthcare IT -  

IT Infrastructure

Hadoop for Archiving Email

The Data Lifecycle, Part One: Avroizing the Enron Emails

Fraud Detection & Crime
Using Hadoop for Fraud Detection and Prevention -

Big data thwarts fraud -

Hadoop : Your Partner in Crime -

Ad Platform
Why Europe’s Largest Ad Targeting Platform Uses Hadoop -


Big data is stealth travel site's secret weapon -


Big Data in Education

Network Security
Introducing Packetpig

Enterprise and security


Adopting Apache Hadoop in the Federal Government -

10 days big data changes everything -

Biodiversity Indexing: Migration from MySQL to Hadoop -


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